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Blooms Landcare

My youngest son has such a creative side.  Expecting his first child in a few months I’m happy to see his business will provide for them.  Today, I want to spotlight his achievement.  Spending the last couple of years away from … Continue reading

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My First Fire

Opps! Should I share this?    Yes, I did it!    While visiting with my grandkids  last night.. Thought I would fix a quick dinner.  Their choice,  chicken nuggets  with mac and cheese.    I noticed a small amount of grease.  Really thought … Continue reading

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Fort Worth Stockshow & Rodeo Time

Today’s weather is great.  Lots of sunshine and a very light breeze.  Usually this time of year DFW offers cold windy days and wet frozen evenings.  You know it’s time for the stockshow to be in town when Mr. Winter hits.  … Continue reading

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Celebrity crushes before teen years?

Her First Crush! During a quick trip to Target last night my six year old grand daughter grabbed a magazine and asked if she could have it.  “Why?”  I asked.  She smiled and explained, “There were pictures of Justin Bieber … Continue reading

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Driod? Apple? Windows?

I want to buy a new cell phone.  Today I went to the local ATT store. This experience was similar to purchasing a new car! Upon entering the store I was greeted by a nicely dressed man holding a phone … Continue reading

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Reality and Fun

I initially started this blog to share my experiences.  I plan to add other topics such as food, vacations, birthday parties, random thoughts, photos, my business and more. I will post about day to day life … happiness, success, laughter, time spent with my … Continue reading

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