Blooms Landcare

Winter Lawn Care

With temperatures getting lower and lower, the last thing you’re probably concerned with is the progress of your lawn. Believe it or not, this is the best time to make that a high priority. While grass appears not to grow during the chilly temperatures, now may be the best time to give your lawn a last-minute touch-up. Maintaining your lawn now will put you in excellent shape for the spring.

Here are three tips that will cater to the productivity of your lawn during the winter months.

  • Lower the mower: Your lawn isn’t going to need a full cut, but it’s not a bad idea to lower the blade and give the lawn a nice trimming. By lowering the height of your mower blade, you are able to trim any growth that could aid in winter lawn diseases.
  • Rake the yard: You probably didn’t realize that those leaves on your lawn can be increase the chances of disease and suffocation with your lawn. By picking up leaves, sticks, logs, garden hoses, etc., you assist in your lawn steering clear of being vulnerable to diseases. If possible, mulch the leaves and wooden objects to aid in fertilization.
  • Aerate and fertilize: Aerating, in addition to light fertilization (aerate, then fertilize), will not only prepare your lawn for a prosperous spring but also fight against thatch.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, now is the best time to ask questions.  Be prepared for this spring   and fall . Feel free to reach out to Blooms Landcare if you have any questions.


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