Blooms Landcare

My youngest son has such a creative side.  Expecting his first child in a few months I’m happy to see his business will provide for them. 

Today, I want to spotlight his achievement.  Spending the last couple of years away from home.  My visits didn’t include taking time to travel around town and actually seeing his work.  Yes, I  received photos on my phone a few times.  

Now that I’m home again, we have decided that I’m going to lend my time and skills to his business for a small fee.  This will be a great venture!  I may lack in the online social media arena.  Not to worry, he offered to help me out.  Looking forward to attending events and networking with others in our area.   

My most precious benefit will be working near my grand baby.  I’m so fortunate to spend two days a week with my daughter’s children while she works, enough free time to play with Sara and a couple of days at his home office.  Although, I may get distracted often.   


About Melissa Jackson

I'm a native Texan living in Parker County, Texas. My hobbies include fishing, scuba diving, riding our horses, attending various rodeo events and local trail rides. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Working with buyers and sellers in both single family homes and farm / ranch sales. As a Realtor in the Fort Worth Metroplex I serve clients in Parker and Tarrant County. Dedicated to helping my buyers and sellers navigate the current real estate market utilizing the latest technologies, market research and business strategies. No two transactions are the same and yours will receive my personal attention. Communication and personal service is top priority for my clients. I will use my skills to make your dreams a reality!
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One Response to Blooms Landcare

  1. Granny says:

    Oh my goodness! He does beautiful work. How fortunate you are to be close to your children and grandchildren ( so much love)

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