Purpose of Mystery Shopping?

The purpose of mystery shopping is very simple.  Companies  want to know if  employees are following policies and offering excellent customer service.   There is a lot of competition between most businesses. 

We as consumers have a choice where we spend our money.  It’s proven we tend to shop at places that treat us well. 

 Mystery shoppers give unbiased opinions evaluating more than what the average customer notices. 

I behave like a normal customer, so that none of the associates or employees guess my intention. While keeping my identity secret, I search for information.

Before I leave home I’m provided a checklist full of information that I’m to notice during the shop.  Once there, I have to interact with the staff.  I’ll notice the attitude of the employees and look for neatness and weather or not the inside and outside of the building is clean.  My duties start as soon as I enter the establishment until I walk out the door.

Favorite assignments have included gas stations, fast food, fine dining, auto, storage facility, entertainment places and everything in between.

Once I complete a shop I gather all my notes, receipts and photos. The nest step is little difficult. This requires me to remember my experience, complete a questionnaire and write a report.

Mystery shopping does not pay a great deal.  I would have to do many many shops a week to make a living.  Personally I don’t have the time.  My family favorite shops include fine dining and entertainment. 

Brent and I get to enjoy fun evenings followed by great meals.


About Melissa Jackson

I'm a native Texan living in Parker County, Texas. My hobbies include fishing, scuba diving, riding our horses, attending various rodeo events and local trail rides. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Working with buyers and sellers in both single family homes and farm / ranch sales. As a Realtor in the Fort Worth Metroplex I serve clients in Parker and Tarrant County. Dedicated to helping my buyers and sellers navigate the current real estate market utilizing the latest technologies, market research and business strategies. No two transactions are the same and yours will receive my personal attention. Communication and personal service is top priority for my clients. I will use my skills to make your dreams a reality!
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2 Responses to Purpose of Mystery Shopping?

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    • Since mystery shopping is a great a way you secretly check to see how your team members react with consumers you could have shoppers start with telephone shops. This would give you an idea of how the front office reacts with potiential patients. You may be surprised how a rude associate on the line can cause a person to hang up and call a different office. This is just a start. I have completed phone shops for many different companies. Let me know if you would like to discuss your options.

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