Celebrity crushes before teen years?

"Her first crush"
Her First Crush!

During a quick trip to Target last night my six year old grand daughter grabbed a magazine and asked if she could have it.  “Why?”  I asked.  She smiled and explained, “There were pictures of Justin Bieber inside!”   “Who is he?”  I questioned.   She preceded to show me  pictures and explain who he was.  I asked if she planned to read the words not just look at the pictures.  She happily agreed as she continued to flip pages.  

Before leaving  the book section my daughter caught a glimpse of a wall calendar plastered with his face.  She quietly expressed how much my grand daughter would enjoy this for her upcoming birthday.  I laughed. She pointed out there were only three and added that it was on sale.

While standing in the checkout line I decided to excuse myself and run for a quick potty break.  Yes, I returned to a different line and did a great job hiding this calendar all the way home.

By now, I’m sure she has forgotten.  Can’t wait to see her face in a couple weeks!


About Melissa Jackson

I'm a native Texan living in Parker County, Texas. My hobbies include fishing, scuba diving, riding our horses, attending various rodeo events and local trail rides. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Working with buyers and sellers in both single family homes and farm / ranch sales. As a Realtor in the Fort Worth Metroplex I serve clients in Parker and Tarrant County. Dedicated to helping my buyers and sellers navigate the current real estate market utilizing the latest technologies, market research and business strategies. No two transactions are the same and yours will receive my personal attention. Communication and personal service is top priority for my clients. I will use my skills to make your dreams a reality!
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